Do what you do... only better.

We'll implement the appropriate software and automation so you can focus on your work.

Mail Spam Filtering

Spam is frustrating and the most common way of getting scammed. We work with high quality mail filters to detect and prevent spam and scams from reaching your staff. No gift cards being sent because a fake boss told them to.

Mail Virus Scanning

Viruses in e-mail are uncommon now but devastating when they do happen. Our service scans for viruses, scans links in the e-mail for viruses, and checks if the sender is known for viruses.

Dark Web Monitoring

Your account has been compromised and is being sold to the highest bidder? Our dark web monitoring service constantly scans if your credentials are out in the open and notifies us and you take action to prevent problems.


Office365 covers both the Office software and the mail server. In a modern business you have to be able to get e-mails, have a unique .Com domain, and easily sort those e-mails. Through Office365 we provide these for you.

Mail Continuity

How does it look when a customer e-mails you and they get an error message because your mail server or ISP is down? Our service holds those e-mails until you're online and delivers them so you have no lost e-mails.

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