Simply Transparent.

To keeps things simple we have three tiers.
The higher the tier, the more we support and manage.

Desktop I II III
Remote Monitoring: By proactively monitoring your systems, we can prevent failure and data loss by detecting problems before they occur.
Security Operations Center: Hackers don't sleep and neither do we. We operate 24/7/365 security monitoring for your workstations. When suspicious activity is detected we're alerted and take action immediately.
Managed Antivirus: By monitoring global threats and researching new attacks, we regularly keep your antivirus up-to-date and effective.
Cloud-Based Backups: Ransomware and lost computers are devastating. We back-up your data daily to our secure cloud storage, and can have you back up and running in no time.
Patch Management: Every month, millions of dollars are lost due to the result of bad updates. We check and approve every update before it's installed.
Password Management: We partner with top-rated security vendors to provide secure and encrypted password storage; protecting your data and ensuring compliance.
Ransomware Detection: Ransomware is always evolving to get through antivirus and security measures. Our service includes digital tripwires to detect its activity so we can quickly quarantine systems and prevent further spread.
Hardware as a Service: We supply thoroughly tested computers to keep you running at a palatable, predictable price. We'll maintain everything for you so you always have what you need.
Infrastructure I II III
Remote Monitoring: Servers and networks offline mean whole departments with nothing to do but wait. We monitor your systems for issues and take action before you have days of downtime. We have achieved 99.999% uptime for many clients.
Security Operations Center: We provide 24/7/365 security monitoring for your network, firewalls, Office 365, and servers. Something shouldn't be on your network? Not anymore.
Managed Antivirus: Incorrectly configured antivirus causes hard to track issues and opens you to ransomware when you think you’re protected. We have experience configuring and monitoring your server antivirus to keep you safe.
Cloud-Based Backups: Ransomware, lost files, and malicious employees can ruin your business. Our actively monitored cloud-based backups protect you from files disappearing from your servers. Whether they’re critical or just archives.
Patch Management: Researching updates so they don’t harm your servers is time consuming and you have work to do. It’s our job to know what can go wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen to you. We research and verify all updates in our lab.
Password Management: We partner with top-rated security vendors to provide secure and encrypted password storage. This prevents loss of system passwords, provides the ability to share with vendors when necessary, and ensures compliance.
Ransomware Detection: Ransomware is always evolving to get through antivirus and security measures. Our service includes digital tripwires to detect its activity on your servers so we can quickly quarantine systems and prevent its spread.
External Network Probes: Misconfigured firewalls are backdoors into your network that let attackers bypass all your carefully configured security. We scan your public facing network looking for vulnerabilities and open ports so we find them before the bad guys do.
Server Management: AD, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Files, ACL, backups, and others. So many services and so little time to read the manual. We have lengthy experience with server systems and running them for you.
Network Mapping and Monitoring: Using our automation systems we map your entire network to find configuration flaws, bad hardware, and security issues. We constantly monitor your infrastructure for failures so you won't have days of no Internet.
Network Management: Network security, threats, licenses, and configurations are hard when you’re busy running your business. We work with you to keep your network running smoothly while adapting to the needs of your growing business.
Hardware as a Service: Server upfront costs are staggering and what if you get the wrong hardware? We do the research and provide the right fit hardware at a low monthly price.
Productivity I II III
Mail Spam Filtering: Spam is frustrating and the most common way of getting scammed. We work with high quality mail filters to detect and prevent spam and scams from reaching your staff. No gift cards being sent because a fake boss told them to.
Mail Virus Scanning: Viruses in e-mail are uncommon now but devastating when they do happen. Our service scans for viruses, scans links in the e-mail for viruses, and checks if the sender is known for viruses.
Dark Web Monitoring: Your account has been compromised and is being sold to the highest bidder? Our dark web monitoring service constantly scans if your credentials are out in the open and notifies us and you take action to prevent problems.
Office365/Microsoft365: Office365 covers both the Office software and the mail server. In a modern business you have to be able to get e-mails, have a unique .Com domain, and easily sort those e-mails. Through Office365 we provide these for you.
Mail Continuity: How does it look when a customer e-mails you and they get an error message because your mail server or ISP is down? Our service holds those e-mails until you're online and delivers them so you have no lost e-mails.
Administration I II III
Training on Supported Products: For all hardware and software we officially support we provide free training through scheduled classes, webinars, and recorded training videos available on our web site.
Vendor Management: There are so many vendors selling the things you need. We work with them all to negotiate the best discounts. All you need to do is contact us and we handle the rest.
Ordering Management: Did that part get ordered? Is it back-ordered? When is it getting delivered? As part of our Vendor Management we run the order from research, getting it ordered and delivered, to installation and deployment.
Support I II III
8x5 Support: Support covers standard production hours of Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.
24/7 Support: Support covers extended hours. All days and times except holidays.
On-Site Support: If we have to come to your office, this is how much we charge for the trip. $50 $30 $0
Not Covered Services (hour): For things not on our inclusion list or outside your service hours. $200 $100 $100
Price Per Unit Covered I II III
Desktop/Laptop (each) $50 $100 $200
Server (each) $100 $200 $300
What about up-front costs?

Don't worry, there are no surprises. We do have to charge more on your first bill, but it's quite simple and covers the initial overhead of getting you set up. In fact, we've provided a simple calculator so you can project your costs.

What about the small print?

Not much there either. You can't mix plans, and all covered hardware goes to the highest plan selected. If you call us after hours, we have a two hour minimum. In addition, any items not covered under the Master Service Agreement (MSA) we just bill at our hourly support rate. Other than that, we request a term of at least one year.

Your first bill will be ${{totalCost.first}}, followed by ${{totalCost.after}}/mo.

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