Everything. Plugged in.

We'll manage your entire infrastructure. Yes, all of it.

Remote Monitoring

Servers and networks offline mean whole departments with nothing to do but wait. We monitor your systems for issues and take action before you have days of downtime. We have achieved 99.999% uptime for many clients.

Security Operations Center

We provide 24/7/365 security monitoring for your network, firewalls, Office 365, and servers. Something shouldn't be on your network? Not anymore.

Managed Antivirus

Incorrectly configured antivirus causes hard to track issues and opens you to ransomware when you think you’re protected. We have experience configuring and monitoring your server antivirus to keep you safe.

Cloud-Based Backups

Ransomware, lost files, and malicious employees can ruin your business. Our actively monitored cloud-based backups protect you from files disappearing from your servers. Whether they’re critical or just archives.

Patch Management

Researching updates so they don’t harm your servers is time consuming and you have work to do. It’s our job to know what can go wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen to you. We research and verify all updates in our lab.

Password Management

We partner with top-rated security vendors to provide secure and encrypted password storage. This prevents loss of system passwords, provides the ability to share with vendors when necessary, and ensures compliance.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware is always evolving to get through antivirus and security measures. Our service includes digital tripwires to detect its activity on your servers so we can quickly quarantine systems and prevent its spread.

External Network Probes

Misconfigured firewalls are backdoors into your network that let attackers bypass all your carefully configured security. We scan your public facing network looking for vulnerabilities and open ports so we find them before the bad guys do.

Server Management

AD, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Files, ACL, backups, and others. So many services and so little time to read the manual. We have lengthy experience with server systems and running them for you.

Network Mapping and Monitoring

Using our automation systems we map your entire network to find configuration flaws, bad hardware, and security issues. We constantly monitor your infrastructure for failures so you won't have days of no Internet.

Network Management

Network security, threats, licenses, and configurations are hard when you’re busy running your business. We work with you to keep your network running smoothly while adapting to the needs of your growing business.

Hardware as a Service

Server upfront costs are staggering and what if you get the wrong hardware? We do the research and provide the right fit hardware at a low monthly price.

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